We are living in a Nova Era ‘New Age’ where what we thought was real may not be. The veil between the astral world and our visual world has become very thin. The world disturbances are a sign of this change. Therefore the greatest importance needs to be taken to truly know thyself, to truly recognize oneself as a human being.

To be a medium is to be in the middle-‘medium’ between this world of “Reality” and the “Invisible” world. To the one who recognizes themselves as a medium, and in some ways we are all mediums, there is communication through intuition. One may mentally “hear” (clairaudience), “see” (clairvoyance), “know” (Claircognizance) and or “feel” (clairsentience). How one acts as a bridge between the spiritual world and the physical world depends on how one’s openness is attuned to free imagination. Imagination is not fantasy or illusion, but free expression through one's intuitive ability. Each of us has an intuitive ability and like all learning, we must build the tools and take each step that is required to open our ability with careful guidance.

Many people hear voices and many people are mistakenly put on medications to stop these voices. What we know from the Spiritist viewpoint is to discern a positive voice from a negative voice or a trickster, a positive angel from a fallen angel, an ET of negative influence and one of positive love, and all the other more strange influences that exist. The great Fathers of the Desert continuously write of the importance of discernment. This takes practice and a willingness to develop the Will to listen to one's own Truth, to know what is true from false. Looking positively at all information that we read or hear or listen on the Internet or books requires a discerning mind and even more importantly a Discerning Heart.

Many great writers tell us that to not pay attention to our mediumship gift will only bring difficulty into our life. With observation, we see that this is true all around us. The many street people we hear speaking voices. The people in mental hospitals, tormented soldiers, family members always troubled not really knowing the real reason. And so many more situations of troubled spirits in-housed within our bodies, darker forces that we have attracted or that a curse one carries from other lifetimes or even this present life. Not knowing why, in each situation, one’s life is not working well.

Within the context of many Santo Daime Works, Mediumship is encouraged and training is offered so that both one’s natural gifts can be opened and the useful charity necessary for one’s own advancement can and does take place. We need to take quite seriously the call to help in this very troubled world through love and charity in the giving of ourselves. The very reason training is required. To learn to hold our individual space and not succumb to fear and other lost emotions described below in an included transmission from Spirit Emmanuel.

As in learning any discipline tools are necessary. Whatever one takes on without the proper tools one is lost. In mediumship, the same holds true, even more conclusively. As one deals with a mostly invisible world the need for what we call tools is essential. The development of a vocabulary of how to deal with the many aspects of this other world that is always present around us and sometimes within us. Truly knowing that we are never alone, whether it is one of our guides or the myriads of other beings always present in our astral world and underworld. Learning to use the radiance of love, support from the Angelic realm, rainbow light, Christic Light and the natural “Light of God” as the Fathers of the Desert teach and have used as their Divine substance. The proper use of divine fire, Chi, the Tunnel of Light and the many other tools that our imagination bestows upon us that gives the strength or firmeza as we feel, sing and express as a way of life within the Santo Daime doctrine. As in Mestre Irineu’s hymn #70 “Firmness, firmness, firmness, I ask God, Smooth out my heart, I want to be a son-daughter of Yours”. This firmness translates into the calm ability to transmit the feeling of charity and love to the discarnate spirits that come asking for help. This also includes the darker beings, which sometimes are called evil beings and instead of feeling a victim to their snares, we transmute their energies to free them and ourselves. 

Hymn # 75 of Mestre Irineu’s Hinario  “As Estrelas-The Stars” explains

The stars already arrived
To say their name I am, I am, I am
I am a son-daughter of God

The stars took me
To travel the whole world
To discover this truth
To be able to be true

I climbed a hill of sharp thorns
Stepping on sharp points
The stars told me
In the world, everything can be healed

The stars told me
Listen much and speak little
To be able to understand
And speak with my Caboclos

The Caboclos already arrived
With bare arms and bare feet
They bring good remedies
To heal the Christians

In our very slim teaching and preparedness towards our eventual death and rebirth we are basically left unprepared for what happens at the time of death. In certain cultures, this teaching happens in early childhood, not only seeing and experiencing death around them but also having the teaching of an afterlife. It is a practice in these cultures to have someone present who acts as the medium to help the dying or discarnate spirit through the gateways to the other world. Sometimes it is the medium's job to contact the discarnate spirit, whether they may still be in their grave or unaware that they have actually died. In such cases the medium or shaman would travel-contact the sleeping spirit-soul and wake them, guiding them to safety through the gateways of the astral world. This may include helping them to join their deceased family waiting for them.

In conclusion, from the words of Padrinho Sabastiao on developing the skills of being a medium;

“Its slow. First, start transforming your heart. After your heart is up to speed, then go up and transform your mind, which is the wisest part; your mind and your thoughts, Just when you think you’ve balanced your mind and thought and your heart, your thoughts have gone astray. And thus is the struggle. The struggle is with the Three of these. The struggle is to correct the three of these. One’s Heart, Mind and Thoughts, ‘so that in the presence of the Lord, everyone has only love and joy in being present.’(Pad. Valdete, hymn # 20).

Training of Mediumship

Ramatis says: “With the coming of the end times, God ordered a Providence that would be able to cure the wickedness which had been accumulated due to centuries of disorderly and materialistic activity. Thus, God decided that souls who are willing to make an intense effort towards the salvation of humanity should be given great strength that would consist of the intensification of their spiritual sensitivity. This sensitivity would be so strong that it will haunt them until they find the essential solution to their afflictions. Such a solution will only be obtained through the giving of themselves to the good and the complete renunciation of personal conveniences in order to dedicate themselves to action of beneficence towards their fellow man.’

“Mediumship is talent for heaven for the purpose of renewal of the world. It is a Lamp that we should light, using the oil of humility and gasoline of ‘good will’; it is imperative to nourish this light with the sublime moon of love, and to radiate it through charity and understanding to all of those who surround us’

“Mediumship is the ability to harmonize, that is, to exchange thoughts with the minds of the living or with the minds of the deceased. It is the gift that allows certain people to communicate with spirits, and to transmit these spirits’ messages without letting the messages be adulterated by their personal selves. It is a physiological state and was the vehicle of all the revelations that brought advanced codes of ethics to every period of human history.’

This state has physical, intellectual and healing attributes. The ultimate goal of mediumship is the mission of service of fallen spirits. The commitment is serious and one must account for what one has done before the Divine Justice.

The great majority of cases of mediumship manifest themselves through nervous, mental and other such disturbances(dizziness, nausea, headaches back pain, accelerated heart rate, anguish, fear, chills, tiredness, leg, arm, and muscle pain, a crisis of irritability, sexual problems, insomnia, sleepwalking, disturbed life, sickness without apparent causes or diagnosis, etc.) revealing the inferior condition of the individual who is suffering from these symptoms. To develop and refine mediumship, it is first necessary to look for a course of mediumship in a House of Spiritism. In addition, great effort, renunciation and discipline are necessary.

The incarnate individual that imprudently fails to pay attention, rejecting or abandoning their mediumship, will bitterly lament the avoidance of responsibility and will suffer serious consequences in their future.

The Medium is the intermediary, the means, the instrument of good and evil. If the interested party does not take care of this open door to the occult world, someone will.

And if this someone should be a lower spirit with bad intentions the unprepared medium will be unable to extricate themselves from the consequences of their lack of attention and watchfulness.

Mediumship is a Gift and commitment bestowed by God for the demonstration of the immortality of the soul and its capacity for communication. It is also a reciprocal relationship of aid between the living and the deceased.

Opening of the Banco

Prayer for the opening of the Meeting

To the all-powerful Lord God, we ask that you send good spirits to assist us, and that you keep away those that want to put us in error, and that you give the light that we need to distinguish truth from falsehood.

Keep away from us also lord, malevolent Spirits, incarnate or disincarnate, who try to throw us into dis-union, and through this to divert us from charity and love of one another. If any of these seek to introduce themselves here, Lord, don’t let them find their way into our hearts.

Good spirits, deign to come and instruct us, make us docile your advice, keep us from any thought of egoism, of pride, of envy and of jealousy: inspire us with indulgence and benevolence toward our fellows, presenter absent, friends or enemies; make it so, that through the feelings that animate us we recognize your positive, healthful influence.

Give to the mediums, who are in charge of transmitting your teachings to us, awareness of the sanctity of the order that is entrusted to them, and of the gravity of what they are going to carry out so that they practice with necessary fervour and meditative focus.

If a person among us is dominated by sentiments that are not of the good, open their eyes to the light and forgive them, as we forgive them if in any way they are carrying bad intentions.

We ask this especially to the Spirit of St. John the Baptist, our spiritual guide, and of the Professor Antonio Jorge and of Dr. Bezerra de Menezes, the patrons of our banca, that you will help us and watch over us.

Prayer for the Mediums

Omnipotent God, permit that good Spirits assists me in the communication that I request. Preserve me from the arrogance of believing myself to be protected by bad Spirits; from pride that could lead me into error concerning the worth of that which I obtain: from all sentiments that are contrary to charity towards the other mediums.

If I am carried into error, inspire in someone the thought to admonish me, and give me humility to receive, full of recognition, the criticism they make of me, to take it as given to me and not to others, the advice that the good Spirits have to dictate to me.

If I am tempted to abuse in whatever way, or to become proud of the faculty that you gave me, I ask you to take away from me, instead of letting this faculty deviate from its true goal, which is the good of all and my own moral advancement.