Although anyone who has been cleared for our works through our interview process can participate as a Visitor, Membership has many benefits. 

Membership is granted to Visitors who have not missed many works, maintain a dedication to rehearsing the hymns, their own personal development, and are working within the community.

Those who have been granted Membership are referred to as 'Firmados'. Firmados have less expectations of them, they do not have to dress in Uniform, and they are not expected to assist with any of the core aspects of holding the work. They are valued members of the community, but for many reasons, not yet ready to take their Stars and become 'Fardados'.

Firmados generally do take their stars and progress to Fardados at a speed of their own. There is no pressure from the community to be at any specific level, one must know when they are ready to increase their dedication to become Firmados, they must also receive & answer the call if they feel to become Fardados.